Sunday, 11 September 2011

swami Ramnareshacharya ji

the present presiding Swami of Ramanandacharya peeth swami Ramnareshacharya ji maharaj is an embodiment of deep learning and devotion. he has the sterling qualities to guide his bhaktas to sail through the rough and tumble of life. there is no two opinions that swami Ramnareshacharya will bring back the glory and halo of his holiness swami Ramanandachary by sheer dint of his spiritual glow and understanding of the current times and needs.
He has the lofty and laudable idea of constructing Ram Temple at the four corners of the country to spread the message of peace and harmony among different castes and communities in the footsteps of lord sri Ram and guru ramanand ji.
swami ji has been opposed to the politicisation and communalisation of lord sri Ram. Which is unabashedly being done by some un-scrupulous people for furthering their own ends. lord sri Ram does not belong exclusively to anybody. He is of everybody so, He cannot be appropriated. he is benevolent and let him guide us to the right path. His holiness swami ramnareshacharya ji would be able to translate his thoughts into reality to help the man-kind to achieve peace and salvation.


  1. इन महाराज जी प्रारम्भ में कशी में किस संस्कृत पाठशाला में पढ़ते थे?
    काशी विद्या मंदिर
    डी48/202 मिश्र पोखरा में??

  2. हाँ हाँ सही बात है

  3. गुरुजी के चरणो मै शत शत नमन वनदन